Space exploration mission Image Gallery

A gallery of images taken by NASA and ESA during their exploration of space.

Amazing Space Images courtesy of NASA and ESA

This is a collection of images obtained by NASA or ESA space exploration missions. Most of the images were also featured as NASA's the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). The page exists because I often found interesting images like these posted on imgurl without any additional information. This page lists the original missions, provides proper credit (to my best knowledge) and links to the original images (if available). The image descriptions are either based on the APOD image descriptions or information provided on the original page. For high Resolution images please follow the links to the original image pages at the NASA or ESA mission webpages.

Earth and Moon

Earth and Moon are the only Bodies in the solar system which have ever been visited by humans. Although the Moon is singificantly smaller than Earth it is an unusually large Satellite for an Earth sized Planet.

With all the amazing images from other planets, moons and asteroids of the solar system it's sometimes easy to forget that there are spectaculary images and videos of Earth too. This gallery feature a couple of amazing images taken on or showing either Earth or Moon.

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