muparser - Fast Math Parser Library

Version 2.2.5

Feature List

Predefined Operators and Functions

This section gives an overview on the default features supported by the parser. The default implementation is defined in the class mu::Parser located in the file muParser.cpp. The DLL-version uses this class internally.

Built-in functions

The following table gives an overview of the functions supported by the default implementation. It lists the function names, the number of arguments and a brief description.

Name Argc. Explanation
sin 1 sine function
cos 1 cosine function
tan 1 tangens function
asin 1 arcus sine function
acos 1 arcus cosine function
atan 1 arcus tangens function
sinh 1 hyperbolic sine function
cosh 1 hyperbolic cosine
tanh 1 hyperbolic tangens function
asinh 1 hyperbolic arcus sine function
acosh 1 hyperbolic arcus tangens function
atanh 1 hyperbolic arcur tangens function
log2 1 logarithm to the base 2
log10 1 logarithm to the base 10
log 1 logarithm to base e (2.71828...)
ln 1 logarithm to base e (2.71828...)
exp 1 e raised to the power of x
sqrt 1 square root of a value
sign 1 sign function -1 if x<0; 1 if x>0
rint 1 round to nearest integer
abs 1 absolute value
min var. min of all arguments
max var. max of all arguments
sum var. sum of all arguments
avg var. mean value of all arguments

Built-in binary operators

The following table lists the default binary operators supported by the parser.

Operator Description Priority
= assignement -1
&& logical and 1
|| logical or 2
<= less or equal 4
>= greater or equal 4
!= not equal 4
== equal 4
> greater than 4
< less than 4
+ addition 5
- subtraction 5
* multiplication 6
/ division 6
^ raise x to the power of y 7
*The assignment operator is special since it changes one of its arguments and can only by applied to variables.

Ternary Operators

muParser has built in support for the if then else operator. It uses lazy evaluation in order to make sure only the necessary branch of the expression is evaluated.

Operator Description Remarks
?: if then else operator C++ style syntax
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