muparser - Fast Math Parser Library

Version 2.2.5

Parser initialization / deinitialization

[DLL interface]

Create a new instance handle. You can create as many different instance handles as you like. Each will internally reference a different parser object. When using the DLL it is necessary to manually release any parser handle created by mupInit() by calling mupRelease(hParser).

muParserHandle_t hParser;
hParser = mupInit(); // Create a new handle

// use the parser...

mupRelease(hParser); // Release an existing parser handle

Internally a handle is nothing more than a pointer to a parser object casted to a void pointer.

[Parser class interface]

Code for creating a new parser object. (In case of dynamic allocation use new and delete for initialization and deinitialization.)

mu::Parser parser;

Setting the expression

[DLL interface]

Setting the expression when using the DLL requires a valid parser handle and a pointer to const char pointing to the expression.

mupSetExpr(hParser, szLine);
See also: example2/example2.c.

[Parser class interface]

Setting the expression using the parser class requires a std::string containing the expression as the only parameter.

See also: example1/example1.cpp; src/muParserTest.cpp.
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