Astrophotography without tracking

An introduction to fixed tripod low cost DSLR Deep-Sky Photography

Finding an observation spot

Astrophotography without a clear and dark sky is impossible. Finding the right spot for taking the image is as important as having the right gear. In the industrialized nations Light Pollution is making it increasingly difficult to find a dark spot. A general rule is that you should try to avoid the proximity to large cities or industry centers when doing astrophotography. Light pollution maps can help you to identify dark areas close to your home. The following map shows a light pollution map of Germany superimposed over a geographic map of the same area. You should be able to find similar maps for your region using the internet search engine of your choice.

Source: Google Maps and NASA Earth Observatory

Once you have located a dark spot make sure not to place your equipment close to roads since the light of passing cars can enter the camera through an optical viewfinder thus ruining a frame of your image series.

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